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Does it seem like your organization can never finish what it starts? Do you have initiatives and ideas, but you don't know where and how to start? Do you feel over worked and under staffed? Are you putting off your core competence because you have secondary projects that eat up all your time? You don't have anyone to drive your projects and report on time?


Hans Born Consulting will work with you and your Subject Matter Experts to:

  • Scope out your project
  • Breakdown the necessary work
  • Write your project outline
  • Identify dependencies
  • Assign tasks
  • Mitigate risks
  • Accurately estimate time, effort and cost


Through it's professionals Hans Born Consulting makes the commitment to:

  • Keep your resources motivated
  • Ensure stake-holders stay committed
  • Identify and track your milestones
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies when needed
  • Ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget


Hans Born Consulting makes sure your project comes to a successful end by:

  • Organizing all Project Documents
  • Monitoring the milestones
  • Providing frequent and thorough reports
  • Documenting final status
  • Ensuring proper knowledge transfer takes place
  • Evaluating the outcome
  • Providing a single repository for all project information
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